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Network Services

-LAN/WAN -(Local Area Network/Wide Area Network)

LAN solutions links together electronic equipment,such as computers and word processors, and hence forms a network within a building, office or any other area. Whether your considering a LAN connection or have an existing one in place, we have a range of services to offer.

WAN solutions uses devices as telephone lines, satellite dishes, or radio waves to span a larger geographic area than can be covered by a LAN. We are amongst the leaders in providing extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of network systems like WAN. Our qualified team of engineers support your software needs, whether it be on a user's workstation or your company's file server.


Your business is fast-moving. You can’t be held back by cables and wires when you need to communicate quickly with employees and clients.

Our wireless networking solutions remove the restrictions that chain you to your desk and provide a way for you to link up to your company’s network anywhere in your building. No matter where the day may take you, you can connect to the Internet, your e-mail and your network at any time.

-Security Sys.

We provide a fantastic range of high quality security products that will protect your home and family. Our security systems includes Intruder alaram systems, CCTV systems, Access control systems, Video door phones, and fire alaram systems .


Our skilled technicians can install a router to boost your external communication speed, making Internet data as fast and convenient to access as your local hard drive. Our in-depth knowledge of such complicated issues as IP subnet addressing and routing tables ensures that your router provides the best performance possible.


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